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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


We're here to remind you of the joys of what we call communal dining, preparing a meal with a group of friends and then enjoying it all together.

Private Dining is back for the season at Summerill & Bishop: Chef Marcelo de Campos has three new menus to teach you and your friends to make together and enjoy at the end.

Below, a new and improved Autumn Lunch/Dinner menu, a totally unique new proposal for Christmas Dinner, and we've added Breakfast to the mix (for those of you who dread hosting coffee mornings!). 

Book soon to avoid disappointment. Christmas is around the corner!


[Private Dinners] 
or lunch, if you prefer

Marcelo's Autumnal menu is infused with the season's finest ingredients, all used in new and surprising ways.  Learn how to make a carpaccio or a couscous out of beetroot, or how to turn courgette into a rich and comforting, yet gluten-free "pasta" dish.  Not to mention, the new desserts he's come up with this season are fantastic, too.  Banoffee pie shots, anyone?


[The Menu]
Choose a starter, a main and a dessert.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 048 0545 or email us at to book breakfast, lunch or dinner for you and up to 9 others

[Christmas Dinner] 
Special Scandi-Style Edition

Marcelo spent years in Copenhagen cooking alongside none other than Claus Meyer of Noma fame, and naturally, his Danish-inspired cuisine is top-notch. For our special, festive December menu, Marcelo has returned to his Scandinavian culinary roots, making for a nice break from the traditional roasts that are so prevalent in the wintertime.


[The Menu]
Choose a starter, two salads, and a main. Dessert is an S&B classic.
Call us on +44 (0) 207 048 0545 or email us at to book breakfast, lunch or dinner for you and up to 9 others

[Breakfast at S&B] 

Post-gym gatherings, breakfast get togethers, school coffee mornings and more are all welcome to come, learn and enjoy at S&B School. Marcelo provides a beautiful spread to kick start the day with healthful gluten, and dairy-free options. From savoury muffins, to coconut yoghurt shots, Acai juice and more, we do mornings just right.


[The Set Menu]

Call us on +44 (0) 207 048 0545 or email us at to book lunch or dinner for you and up to 9 others 

[The Small Print]
how to book your S&B Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

1. Call us on +44 (0) 207 048 0545 or email us at to book for yourself and up to 9 others.

2. Choose from our delicious menu to create the perfect meal for your group.

3. We provide the space, the food and all the know-how. You bring the conversation and the beer, wine or liquor of your choice.

4. Hilarity, joy and bonhomie ensues and the good memories stick.


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