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Issue #09

At Summerill & Bishop we pride ourselves on sourcing beautiful products with a strong sense of provenance.
We have scoured the planet to find fascinating characters who create unique, beautifully functional, hand crafted products for the home. 
To mark our 17th anniversary of working with a very special glassblower, we visited his workshop in a small & wonderfully romantic town on the outskirts of Montpellier to capture the passion and care he pours into every single piece.  
Please meet our dear friend,
'Eric the Viking' 

La Ville

[L] Wood & Stone
[R] Rush hour

[L] Les Volets
[R]  Bare Plane trees

[L] Lost in a side street
[R]  Summer Chairs

Le Vidourle

[The Workshop]

[The Process]

[L] The raw material
[R] The furnace, set to 1130 degrees

Molten Glass

[L] Tools
[R] Water Buckets

[L] Burnt tools
[R] Singed paper

[Eric the Viking]

[L'orange Pitchet]
Blowing time 30 minutes, Annealing Oven 12 hours

[L] Blowing the glass into the jug mould
[R] Shaping the jug

[L] Forming the hand blown handle
[R] Jug mould

[L] The Re-heater
[R] Merde (!)

[Verre d’orange]
Blowing time15 minutes, Annealing Oven 12 hours.

[L] Molten Glass
[R] Glass mould made from metal

[L] Blowing the glass into the mould
[R] Shaping the conical glass

Exclusive to S&B

[The Finished Article]

[Sur La Table]