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S&B Gift Boxes

S&B Gift Boxes

The most frequent request we've received over the past week is for small, thoughtful gifts to send to loved ones. Wishing to cheer up friends and family is proving to be a popular impulse in these difficult times, as circumstances are keeping people apart.
When all you really want to do is give someone a hug, many of you are searching for the next best thing - sending them something that makes them feel warm and loved. 
Other people are looking for a little piece of serenity and calm, in their otherwise upside-down world, spoiling themselves with items that create beauty and escapism in their homes.
In response we've created a selection of self-love gift boxes - to send to someone special, or to gift yourself, to help make each day just that little bit more beautiful. 
Our theme is 'pressing pause' - taking time to let yourself breathe and be transported somewhere else, for even the briefest of moments.
Each box is available to buy on our website - just click on the links & images below.
Or call the shop on +44(0)2072214566 and you will be diverted to the lovely Maja, who can take any phone sales, or help you if you would rather create your own bespoke box.
We are still shipping both within the UK and internationally - so gift boxes can be sent anywhere you like - and standard UK shipping is free.

[ Box 1: Matin Indien ]
You might not be able to get to your yoga retreat in India right now, but you can still lay down your mat and chant your mantra from your living room. 

Let this rich smokey incense by Astier de Villatte transport you to Delhi with its notes of musk, myrrh, betel, benzoin, smoked wood, vanilla and eucalyptus. 

Focus your ‘Drishti’ – your gaze and intentions – onto a beautifully simple flower arrangement and enter your happy place.


Price: £50 Includes:
1 x Box of Delhi Incense
1 x Rectangular Clear Bud Vase

[ Box 2: Pelerinage ]
Take your own private pilgrimage from the safety of your home. 
Visit the holy city of Jerusalem – following the paths to the sacred sites: The Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall. the Garden of Olives…the smells are intoxicating.  
Deep olive wood for your hands, the notes of Oud from Astier de Villatte’s Jerusalem candle for your senses and a beautiful handmade glazed bowl for your own offering to yourself.  
Cherish every moment of solitude
Price: £135

1 x Astier de Villatte Jérusalem wax candle
1 x Savon de Marseille liquid soap Olive Wood, 500ml
1 x Small violet and white bowl, 8cm

Summerill & Bishop in a box, combining all our classic best-sellers – this box is for those with Provence in their hearts.  

Lay up the table, ideally in the garden if you have one, imagine you can hear the cicadas as you look out over the lavender fields, with the warm breeze on your face. 

Just come back down to earth when the ‘fougasse’ is ready to be served.

Price: £105

1 x bottle of Lavandin 60ml 
1 x Savon de Marseille liquid soap Mediterranée 500ml
1 x Lavender heart in Lime
1 x S&B Falling Flower Set of Twelve Paper Napkins in Avocado Green 
1 x S&B Falling Flower Paper Tablecloth in Avocado Green 160x300cm

Transport yourself to sixteenth century Tuscany and take a walk around the grandiose Villa Medici gardens. 

Feel the rose petals on your hands, smell the scents of lemon trees, lavender and oregano. 

Let your journey inspire your own bedside bouquet in this small ‘antiqued’ ceramic vase and just dream...
Price: £85

1 x Box of Villa Medicis Incense
1 x Savon de Marseille liquid soap Wild Rose 500ml
1 x Small ceramic vase in pink

The clocks have finally changed and Spring is officially here – so send the essence of Spring in a box. 
Imagine pastures of wild flowers in the Swiss Alps.  In the middle is your chalet, its walls infused with the smells of milk and honey…citrus notes are wafting through the open windows from the ancient lime trees that surround you.

Take your fill of the air and breathe … bathe your hands in some orange blossom to remind you of ‘navettes’, your gourmet afternoon treat, and drift through an afternoon of reading.  

Your very own happy place.

'Bonheur’ to you all
Price: £155

1 x Astier de Villatte Grand Chalet wax candle
1 x Savon de Marseille liquid soap Orange Blossom, 500ml
1 x Astier De Villatte Bonheur Fleur Saucer

[ Astier de Villatte ]
Now available to buy 
In very exciting news, our stunning Astier de Villatte collection is now available to buy online.
We ship Worldwide and currently have free UK standard shipping.
(discount automatically applied at the checkout when selecting UK standard shipping).

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