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S&B x Claridge's

S&B x Claridge's

One year ago this weekend, we celebrated the launch of a much loved collaboration with our friends at the legendary Claridge's, Mayfair's undeniable sparkling jewel. 

In the months since, we've seen the checkerboard print take centre stage in innumerable trend pages, delighted at the individual and imaginative ways you've styled the collection in your own homes and most happily, added to the collection with a rather pretty shade of pink.  

Seeing the collection blossom over the last twelve months has been a passion project and so it has given us great joy to relive the entire journey all over again, in the moments captured below. 

Check out the complete collection, here

With love,

[ A Celebratory Supper ]

Supper awaits... 

When dinner becomes dance floor. Meet Marius, Claridge's resident choreographer.

Flickering  candlelight, a monochromatic theme for both guests and the table, champagne flowing, making memories with old friends and new. The perfect evening hosted by the incomparable Claridge's team.

A special evening at Claridge's would't be complete without Lobster Wellington.

Monochrome everything. 

And the table is set, awaiting its guests...

Et voila! A magical night commences... 

Applause, post speeches.


"Blue Check" dances across the floor in the Claridge's Art Deco Ballroom... 

Something special happens when you sweep across the marble floor of Claridge's lobby. Your gaze is met by the iconic black and white pattern in an instant as you tread across 165 years of history. 

The romantic new addition this year. A design that marries the mystique of Mayfair's most iconic hotel with the nonchalance of Notting Hill. And so, afternoon tea is served! What better place to idle away a few hours... 

In The Fumoir or in the South of France, Check is an elegant collection that is perfectly suited for formal and casual settings. 

[ When Check Was All Over Town ]

When Claridge's came to Notting Hill and we left our mark on Mount Street Gardens, Bond Street and beyond. 

[ A Christmas Party ]

Welcome to our world! With a sprinkling of Claridge's sparkle last December...

[ Behind The Scenes On Shoot ] 

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