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S&B X Shrimps

S&B X Shrimps

Here it is: Quite possibly our boldest collection yet.  
With London Fashion Week around the corner, we're excited to present our collaboration with cult fashion label Shrimps, who, among other things, have made faux fur oh so terribly au courant. Under the brilliant leadership of designer Hannah Weiland, Shrimps' edgy prints and brightly coloured faux fur jackets, coats and accessories are donned by the most fashionable in London and the world.  

We thought we'd bring Shrimps' brilliance into the dining room, translating Hannah's signature style to the table.
For this collection, Hannah has added her magic touch to three of our classic fine linen tablecloths in bright pink, deep blue, and in stripes.  We've even incorporated Hannah's signature faux fur into our designs in the form of indulgent swathes of pink or blue faux fur that hangs luxuriously around the entire edge of the table. 

Take a look at the collection, see pictures from our launch party, and meet Hannah in our exclusive interview below.


But first...
[Get to know Shrimps]

[Faux Fur Trim] 
For our collaboration, we incorporated Shrimps' signature faux fur and developed two new powdery shades of pink and blue, making our Italian linen perfectly complement the luscious faux fur accent around its entire length.

With matching napkins bearing the Shrimps logo, our fine Italian linen tablecloth with detachable faux fur trim is a real statement piece that's fun—and luxurious—enough for just about any special occasion, any time of year.

S&B x Shrimps Hand Painted Linen and Faux Fur Tablecloth in Powder Pink -  from £855
S&B x Shrimps Napkin in Powder Pink - £35

While the blue might be a little more sedated than our bright pink version, the removable faux fur trim still packs a punch.  It makes for quite the conversation piece when laid on the dinner table.

S&B x Shrimps Hand Painted Linen and Faux Fur Tablecloth in Powder Blue - from £855
S&B x Shrimps Napkin in Powder Blue- £35

For this tablecloth, we took inspiration from one of Hannah's classic designs from her AW13 collection: The Mabel coat in blue, pink, and grey. We're admirers of Shrimps' knack for unusual colour combinations that are so right.

[Q&A with Hannah Weiland]

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Colourful, Textural and Casual

What are some of your favourite dinner party tunes?

Anything by Jungle

What makes a great dinner party in your opinion?

I collect hand painted plates, so I love using these at dinner parties. But I would say that a beautiful, colourful table cloth is what brings it all together. And of course good food, wine and fun guests.

Who is on your ideal guest list for a dinner party and why?

Grayson Perry – because I love him as an artist and a person. The Queen, Louis Theroux, Cindy Sherman, Albus Dumbledore … I love them all for different reasons but think the more random the bunch of people the better!

Do you like cooking? What’s your favourite dish to serve?   

I like cooking but at the moment I don’t have much time to do it! When I do have time there is a squid recipe that I love cooking: squid rings sautéed in olive oil, lemon and chilli. And as a starter I love roasted shallots and goats cheese on sourdough toast, garnished with fresh mint (a recipe I stole from the restaurant St.John.)

What is your cocktail/mocktail/wine/drink of choice?

I like Hendricks gin and tonic with cucumber and Chablis.

How would you decorate a table set with one of your tablecloth designs?

I would use a lot of colour, my collection of hand painted plates with the beautiful Summerill and Bishop coloured glasses, (probably the pink ones), and the Shrimps napkins of course.

What do you do for fun?

Work. I love my job! And also hanging out with my friends and family, of course.

Who are your artistic heroes?

Grayson Perry – I wrote my dissertation on him. I love the way he thinks.

If you could live in another era, what would it be and why?

The 1960s, I love everything about the 60’s, the style, the music, the packaging, the fashion, prints and the kitsch food designs.

When do your best ideas and designs come to you?

When I'm doing something creative, or looking at art.

Who are the characters in your AW/16 collection?

My favourite AW16 character is Alan the Cat, he looks grumpy but is actually really happy deep down.

[The Launch]
A few photos from the launch party at our 22 Motcomb Street pop up last night.
L: Tom Dixon, Seb Bishop, Hannah Weiland & Jon Summerill
R: David Cohen & Paul Weiland
L: David Cohen & Paul Weiland's antics part II
R: Philomena Schurer Merckoll & Gustav Åkerberg
L: Sian Steel & Rachel de Thame
R: Marion Abramov, Katelyn Mochrie, PA Smith, Alfred Bramsen & Bella Hartley
Dylan & Noelle Jackson
L: Matteo & Alma Perduca, Giulio Michelucci, Sofia Gargani, & Betty Soldi
R: Daisy Boyd, Sadie Jones & Tim Boyd
L: Hannah Weiland & Matilda Goad
R: Angela & Luke de Ferran
L: Bella Weiland, Polly Lovelady & Alice Dewey
R: Terry O'Neill, Seb Bishop & Laraine Ashton
L: Bella & Caroline Weiland
R: David Cohen, Pascale Cohen & Betty Jackson
L: The OG Clarendon Cross Crew: Virginia Bates of legendary vintage shop Virginia, Sara Fenwick of Myriad and June Summerill, & Daisy Boyd
R: Jon Summerill & Sofia Gargani
L: Heidi Bishop & Anni Aliboni
R: Gita Wolfsteiner & Severine Balick
L: Carolina Bucci & James Pyner
R: Proud Parents Caroline & Paul Weiland 
Negi Roda & Rene Macdonald
L:Virginia Bates, Sara Fenwick & Ann Mollo
R: Carolina Bucci & Sayoko Teitelbaum

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