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Serenity now

[Serenity now]

"People are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; wilderness is a necessity." - John Muir, acclaimed naturalist, 1901 

The haze of an, albeit, memorable summer is fading and the autumn leaves have begun to fall.

We're drawn to organic shapes and textures, shades that feel soothing and serene, ornate glassware that mimics the fluidity of water - anything that embodies nature's bounty, we're gravitating to wholeheartedly. Falling leaves have enveloped the floor outside our shop in the past few days - so much so, we were inspired to hold a spontaneous shoot with some of our favourite new pieces. 

The S&B table is a place to feel reassured, to feel warm and cosseted whilst we navigate this challenging world together. And so we're embracing the changing seasons with a focus on renewal and growth, to revitalise our mind, body, soul and home. 

With love, S&B xxx 

Available online and in-stores 

Clover Rug Mug by Astier de Villatte 


Bespoke Handblown Glass Word Tumbler

Marguerite Fruit Bowl with Three Birds by Astier de Villatte


Handblown Glass Cookie Serving Dish

[L] Hot Chocolate Mug in Green  [R] Antiqued Glass Tea Light in Orange and Gold 

Glass Bulb Vase

[ Available exclusively in-store ]

Handmade Small Leaf Bowls
Available exclusively in-store 


Striped Handblown Glass Vase in Green and White
Available exclusively in-store 

(Left) Small and Medium Jagged HB Bowls and (Right) Large Leaf Bowl
Available exclusively in-store 

Olive Green Bowl with Gold Rim (16cm)
Available exclusively in-store