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Simply June

Simply June

A lover of poetry. An avid reader. Collector of curios and curiosities with a curator's eye. A natural stylist. Sentimental and yet succinct, every object means something. At home, setting the table to the tune of Jeff Beck playing to the blackbirds. Said home is pared back, with a sense of purity, pulchritudinous from every angle. Propagating an oak tree acorn, fallen from her garden in France, inside a tiny Smirnoff bottle from years gone by. Quite simply, June Summerill.

Our co-founder June has always been a great muse of ours. Her spirit and style aren't easily surmised, as it's just her. Effortless, kind and seriously cool. Our latest table linen collection is inspired by June's inimitable flair and her love of gentle colour.

Today we introduce Simply June - The Fade Collection and the first colourway. Gradual colour falls elegantly from the centre of the tablecloth and napkin, sweeping from pure white to the softest rose pink. Designed in our signature rose pink specially to complement our existing collections of Prints. Think of 'Fade' as a simple, graceful way to mix and match patterns and prints with plains - it's the ultimate neutral, but also a beautiful, backdrop to our print napkins. It's for those of you who love colour, who seek something plainer for that effortless, coordinating look. 

Discover 'Simply June - The Fade Collection' - equal parts ethereal and easy to use. 

With love,

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Available in 165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm

50 x 50 cm

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Ten little things that make June's world go round... 

Waking up to Radio 4 and enjoying my first coffee. Then, cuddles with my dog, Evie, before she goes off for her walk on the Scrubs.


Buying fresh flowers and then arranging them at home. I always add ferns from my own garden to create an informal, simple display. 

Poetry... my favourite thing. I love Irish poets... Seamus Heaney, Nick Laird and more recently, I have been reading Ilya Kaminsky who is Ukrainian and has given me much pleasure. 

Piano practice... I allow myself half an hour a day. Practice, in my case, does not make perfect. Perhaps a little improvement is all I can hope for, plus the great pleasure it gives me. 

On Mondays,  I choose my S&B tablecloth for the week. My long table always wears a cloth, not just at meal times, but because it's part of of our open plan living space. I dress it with favourite candles, flowers, maybe a branch of a tree, or a fossil. All rather like a nature study, depending on the time of year and season. 

Gardening.... I love controlled but wild and self seeded. Nothing makes me happier than when I discover Cow Parsley has decided to live in our garden.

Books... my home is filled with books and I'm an avid reader. A lot of American writers such as Cormac McCarthy and Elizabeth Strout but also Julian Barnes and Sadie Jones, are firm favourites, plus too many others to mention.

Music...  Mozart gives me such joy and I adore his chamber music. Rock and Roll is a favourite of mine too and our juke box is in constant use. I love to make compilations of favourite tracks.

Flosanne...  Arriving to our old French home and still feeling its magic. A wander around the garden and the ritual of getting pizza from the van down the road fills my heart.

10. Coming home...  to London - always exciting to return and catch up with friends, family and our little garden. 

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