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Spun With Love

Spun With Love

If you've ever been curious  about how our S&B plates are made, today, we take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what goes on behind those factory doors (well, sort of). As you know, we always like to put our own 'spin' on things...

At S&B,  we're more than accustomed to spinning plates metaphorically, the more the better for us.

How hard could it be literally? Turns out, it's rather impossible for the likes of us. So, we enlisted the help of an expert, our new friend Andrew Van Buren, who hails from a long lineage of magicians and illusionists, to spin our plates right round for a day.

Head to our Instagram @summerillandbishop to enjoy our new film "Spun With Love".

We hope you like it!

A huge thank you to the wonderful production team in Stoke on Trent, for all their patience and resilience when faced with the sound of broken plates all around.

S&B love on the factory floor.

A little of the process of plate making. 

Tip the slip. 

Smoothing that surface. 

You spin me right round ♥️

Meet Andrew - Plate Spinning Extraordinaire 

Firing up the kiln. 

Watch your step! 

Spin class. 

It's harder than it looks! 

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