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The Fabric of Life

The Fabric of Life

"The fabric of life." You may have noticed that we say that a lot. But what do we mean? What is the fabric of life? 
How often do you truly talk to the person or people sat around you at the table, away from technology, television and other distractions? As in, really talk. 

For the past 30 years, we've been "professionally" laying the table. Hardly a groundbreaking feat you may think, but hear us out - it's always the smallest of things after all, that can amount to an ocean of difference...
Countless times along those 30 years, a tablecloth has been unfurled, a mother or father has thoughtfully placed the glasses, cutlery and plates, sometimes with the help of small (and not so thoughtful) hands and sometimes with the help of a more learned pair. Decoration in the form of candles, vases filled with simple flowers would fill the centre. And then the faces appear - old, young, the familiar and the not-so, they all take their places around the table, eagerly waiting to eat. Conversation takes hold. 

From  those years we learnt that its at the table where people feel most together and engaged, where bonds are built and meaningful conversation is enjoyed. A beautifully laid table makes people want to sit at it longer and forms an environment where people are willing to share their anxieties. The fabric of life, the tablecloth, is so important to us all whether you are conscious of it yet or not. It is the foundation for every beautifully laid table. 
In our eyes, no table should be in a state of undress. We see the tablecloth as a fresh, vibrant and exciting means to learn about the people around us. And yes it should be beautiful, as if like artwork, but for us, this goes far beyond just looking pretty...

The moments we share with our loved ones, no matter how significant or otherwise, are simply too precious not to truly make the most of. Maybe it's a celebration, a difficult conversation or just a simple everyday dinner - so much is digested around the table (metaphorically speaking). The table is context, a setting, a landscape for everything said and shared. If your environment is stimulating and makes you feel good, chances are you'll feel more motivated to explore, to divulge, to delve deeper into that topic of conversation and the same goes for all those gathered around it. We want to get people talking again, away from phones and digital devices. Honest, real life conversation. It's really that simple.

All of our tablecloths are designed with love and to love. So  whether you prefer plain white, a linen that is primed to be coloured by the moments you create or you sway toward bold, brilliant prints and patterns in a spectrum of shades, aka the ready-made conversation starters. The point is, these linens are seriously special and we hope, will provide the perfect backdrop to your life. 

And that's why we call it The Fabric of Life...
We have some incredibly beautiful new launches that we cannot wait to share with you over the coming months, please keep your eyes on our Instagram @summerillandbishop for sneak peeks very soon. 

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