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Timeless treasures

[Timeless treasures]

Just like our founders before us, we look the world over to bring you beautiful, handmade and artisanal creations to complement your tabletop and home. June & Bernadette saw the importance of quality, authenticity and originality over all else from the very start and it's something that we at S&B carry forward in all that we do. 

At S&B, we always encourage you to find your joy, to ignore trends, trust your instincts and look to what makes your heart soar. Your home is yours and so it should be adorned by designs that you feel a genuine connection with. In the images below, you'll find just a few of the items we're loving lately, many of which are newly back in stock this week after selling out - timeless favourites to treasure now and always. 

With love,

In case you were wondering about the beautiful backdrop to our photos this week, we used our new Blossom napkins - see the tablecloth and napkin collection here.