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To June & Bernadette

To June & Bernadette

As millions of families gather around the table to mark Thanksgiving, it seems like a good time to stop and take a moment to think about everything and everyone that we are thankful for.

We are all very good at saying thank you whenever someone passes us something or when our coffee order arrives, our S&B team are, after all, very well mannered. But in life, it is the big thank you's that so often get overlooked. They seem so obvious and so ingrained in our hearts that we don't feel the need to voice them. But, a day dedicated to Thanks seems like a good time to put that right.

So, we have penned a letter to two incredible women, who are the reason that our team exists, our co-founders June & Bernadette, because we have a lot of thanks to give.

Dear June & Bernadette - 
You were truly ahead of the curve when you founded S&B almost 30 years ago. You blazed a trail that so many have followed since and that the whole world is embracing today. Your passion for bringing beautiful pieces for the kitchen and the table together in your magic corner of Holland Park was the precursor to so many imitators since.
You created a brand rooted in your love for entertaining and your warmth and hospitality infuses through everything you created. The essence of an immersive brand before anyone even knew what that was. Destination shopping - before that also existed. Authenticity was at the heart of everything you did. You laid the most beautiful tables for decades before the word 'tablescaping' existed.
We want to say thank you for instilling in us your passion.

Thank you for creating a company ethos that celebrates the artisan, the individual, hospitality and beauty.

Thank you for allowing us to express our creativity.
Thank you for teaching us that a beautifully laid table is not about capturing a photo, it's about capturing the memories. 

And thank you for bringing people together around the table across the world.

Your original vision informs so much of what we do - we ask ourselves daily, "what would June and Bernadette do?"

Your passion and desire to be the warmest hosts, to fill your homes and tables with those you loved and celebrated, is embodied in our dedication to the table and the tablecloth. Because of you, we get to experience the joy of knowing that every time we sell a tablecloth, we are bringing people together, that memories are being created, that opinions are being challenged, that laughter is being shared and that love is in the air.
Together, you created a lasting legacy that we're so proud to continue and to share with the world.
And not to mention we get to work with what we think, are the best team of individuals in the world.
 Thank you today and always. 
All our love,
Team S&B

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