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To the moon and back

[To the moon and back]

Our mothers are arguably the most compelling characters in our lives. We inherit their nuances, their eccentricities, the good traits and the bad. We all are made in their image. 

To be a mother is to be selfless, self-sacrificing and ever-present - enduring love in this life and the next. There's probably not an adequate enough thank you for that kind of love, but just to be together would be enough for us and we think, for our mums too. 

As so many of us will be unable to share today with our mothers, with restrictions still in effect across the country, we wanted to transport you to a moment - a daydream of a dinner, a place where we'd like to sit with our own mums, to talk and to be together...

Surrounded by a sea of daffodils, the symbol of Spring and of new beginnings, we shot our favourite Constellation design as a little way of saying, we love you Mum, today and always and to the moon and back.

With love,

[ Daydreams of dining amidst the daffodils ] 

[ To the moon and back ]