Additional Terms and Conditions for Giftlist

Additional Terms for Giftlist Users

1. General
1.1 You will need to register for an online account with us before you can create your Giftlist. To create an account, you will need to provide us with your name, your partner’s name  (optional), your address, your email address and the date of your event.

1.2 You must keep your username and password relating to your account confidential at all times. You are responsible for all activities relating to your account – please see our website terms of use [HERE].

1.3 Our terms and conditions of supply will apply to the giftlist arrangement in the same way as if you were buying goods normally, except that where the terms relate to payment and cancellation those provisions will apply only to the people who buy gifts for you.

1.4 To the extent of any conflict between the main terms and conditions of supply above and these additional terms for giftlist users, these additional terms shall apply.

2. Overview of How Our Service Works

3. Confirming Your Order

3.1 When you are ready, normally after your wedding or other event, you will confirm you are happy to receive the gifts purchased for you (or confirm to us any exchanges you may want to make).

3.2 If you make exchanges and the items you wish to take are of a greater value than those bought, you will need to pay the difference.

3.3 If the items you confirm you wish to take are of a lesser value than those purchased, a credit will be applied to your S&B account and can be used against any purchase in store or over the phone within the next 12 months (we cannot currently process purchases online using any giftlist credit).

3.4 If exchanges are made, we will value the item to be exchanged at the price paid by your guest and any new item at the price for which it is being sold at the time of the exchange. We cannot consider price changes that may have occurred in the interim.

4. Stock Availability
4.1 All gifts shown on our website and added to your giftlist are subject to availability.

4.2 In the event of a gift on your list becoming unavailable, we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement, but in the event that we cannot, your account will be credited with the equivalent amount and you will be able to choose another gift from our website or store or we will issue S&B gift vouchers.

4.3 Delivery dates for replacement items may differ from the delivery date for your original items.

5. Price of Gifts

The prices of the gifts will be as quoted on our website and may change from time to time.  Your guests will be charged the gift price on the date the gift is purchased.

6. Guest Cancellation Rights

6.1 Please be aware that each guest may have a legal right to cancel their purchase of a gift made online or by phone if they notify us no later than 14 working days after you receive their gift (see clause 7 of the main terms above).

6.2 If a guest exercises their right to cancel after their gift has been dispatched, you must return the gift to us unused and in its original packaging. If the item is not returned to us in perfect condition and in its original packaging we may need to charge your guest for any loss in value of the item.

6.3 It is the guest's sole responsibility to arrange and bear the cost of the return of the gift and we accept no responsibility for organising this with you.

7. Storage
We offer up to 8 weeks free storage for your gifts from the point that we inform you your last gift is available.  After this time, a storage fee will apply.  For more information, please contact us.

8.  Delivery of Your Gifts
8.1 We recommend collection in store of your items, due to their fragile nature, but we understand that this will not be possible for many people.

8.2 If you require delivery, we will provide you with a cost for the different shipment options available after you have confirmed the items you wish to take. You must pay this shipping cost before items can be dispatched to you. 

8.3 Someone must be available to accept and sign for delivery of your gifts. If you fail to take delivery of the gifts, or if you fail to give us adequate delivery instructions, then without limiting any other right or remedy which may be available to us, we may store the gifts until actual delivery and charge you for the reasonable costs (including insurance) of storage. Any subsequent delivery attempts will incur additional charges.

8.4 If you live outside [the United Kingdom/the areas within the UK where our standard delivery service is available/the EU] then you will be responsible for paying any import duties and/or other taxes, charges or levies payable in connection with delivery.

8.5 The gifts will be your responsibility and your property from completion of delivery.

9. Damaged or Faulty Items
9.1 If you receive any items that are damaged or faulty within your gift delivery, please ensure that you contact us as soon as possible, and within 7 days of receipt, and we will be delighted to arrange a replacement for you. We will cover the costs of returning faulty items but please contact us first to arrange an appropriate return service.  Please try and keep the packaging for damaged goods and, where possible, supply us with photos of the damaged or faulty packaging and/or item.

9.2 Please note replacement items can be subject to longer lead times if not an in-stock item, and we cannot always guarantee availability. In the case of a replacement item not being available we will credit your S&B account with the full amount of the faulty item and the cost of delivering that item to you or issue S&B gift vouchers.

10. Change of Mind/Unwanted Gifts
We do not accept return requests for any unwanted gifts once you have confirmed you wish to have them delivered, other than items that are delivered damaged, faulty or differ from their advertised description.  Any items, other than bespoke or personalised orders, can be exchanged up until the point you confirm delivery of your order.

11. Our Responsibility For Loss or Damage Suffered By You
Please see the liability section in the main terms above.

12. Information For Gift Purchasers
12.1 Our terms and conditions of supply will apply to purchases you make from a giftlist in the same way as if you were buying goods normally, except that where they relate to delivery and returns those provisions will apply only to the giftlist holder.

12.2 You understand that the contract between us is to provide the giftlist holder with a credit of the equivalent value of the amount you paid for a gift, should they not wish to take the gift purchased by you. If, after we accept your order, the gift you choose is unavailable for any reason we will credit the giftlist holder’s account to the current value of the gift chosen.

12.3 In the event that the giftlist holder substitutes or exchanges your gift in any way, our responsibilities to you in respect of the gift you chose will still be discharged as if the gift you had chosen had been received by the giftlist holder. In the event that a substitution or exchange takes place we are under no obligation to inform you, as we will already have liaised with the gift holder directly.

12.4 If, after placing an order on our website, you change your mind about your purchase, you can cancel your order in accordance with clause 7 of the terms and conditions above (although please see clause 8.1 of the main terms in respect of bespoke items). If you cancel your order after the gift has been dispatched to the giftlist holder, it is still your responsibility to arrange the return of the gift to our store before a credit can be issued.

12.5 Any gifts purchased will be delivered to the giftlist holder directly and any returns or exchanges will be arranged directly with them.

12.6 All items purchased for the giftlist holder will be gift-wrapped.