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Entire Table Setting for 12 People with Avocado Green + Pale Pink 'Stripe' Linen

Entire table setting for 12 guests includes:
*Amour Bonheur bowl with gold writing, 13cm
*Astier de Villatte wax candle in 'Mantes la Jolie' scent
*'Bernadette's Falling Flower' gold foil placecards, Set of 12
*Bumba handmade glass clear with Apple Green Rim
*Bumba handmade glass clear with Rose Pink Rim
*Bumba handmade glass inverted jug apple green
*Church wax candle ivory medium
*Handblown 'Bird' flower vase
*Handblown glass hanging stem vase in olive
*Handblown glass teardrop jug with handle
*Handmade ceramic gold glaze and white napkin ring 
*Handmade round ceramic soup bowl in white, 23cm 
*Handmade round ceramic dinner plate in white, 31cm
*Handmade round ceramic XL salad bowl with green rim, 43cm
*Handmade round ceramic side plate white 20cm 
*Handprinted Domino Covered Dinner Party Visitor Book in Green, Pink, Green and Black (160 pages)
*Jam jar glass 'cherry' fruit 8x11cm
*Jam jar glass 'lime' fruit 8x11cm
*Lavender heart in dark lime
*Lavender heart in fuchsia
*Recycled glass bud vase in avocado green
*Recycled glass bud vase in fuchsia
*Round glass butter dish with lid 
*S&B matte stainless steel 7-piece cutlery set (Table Knife, Table Fork, Table Spoon, Dessert Knife, Dessert Fork, Dessert Spoon, Tea Spoon) 
*S&B glass champagne flute 
*S&B red wine glass with plain rim 
*S&B white wine glass with plain rim 
*S&B stainless steel serving ladle 
*Small gold bowl with spoon, 6cm
*Tahiti glass sundae coupe
*Hand-painted 'Stripe' linen tablecloth in avocado green + pale pink,
160cm x 380cm
*Hand-painted 'Stripe' linen napkin in avocado green + pale pink