Handblown Glass 'Cheeky' Mood Tumbler

Handblown Glass 'Cheeky' Mood Tumbler


Our Handblown Glass Mood Tumblers are designed to inspire and foster conversation at the table with loved ones, both adults and children alike, anyone who perhaps isn't initially comfortable with expressing themselves.

By picking a glass that best represents how they feel that day, anyone can be encouraged to share their feelings and download their anxieties, together with their families, around the table.
Each glass is handblown in Italy by master artisans. 

Due to its exquisite, delicate nature, we recommend hand wash only for this product.

Approx H: 11cm
Approx Dia: 9cm

The Story

Enter our newly designed Handblown Glass Mood Tumblers, which you may shrug off as a funny face on a glass but hear us out... We've created these glasses with a specific purpose, to encourage expression.

Each glass is emblazoned with a different 'mood', so that children and adults alike, can pick a glass that best represents how they feel that day, so that they can share their feelings, happy or otherwise and download their anxieties, together at the table.