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HB 'LOVE' Jagged Bowl, 14cm
HB 'LOVE' Jagged Bowl, 14cm
HB 'LOVE' Jagged Bowl, 14cm
HB 'LOVE' Jagged Bowl, 14cm

HB 'LOVE' Jagged Bowl, 14cm


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Handmade locally in a small studio in Notting Hill, this stunning porcelain 'LOVE' jagged bowl, with delicate hand painted gold edging, adds that final special touch to your table.

It looks beautiful with any table setting, but adds some real magic when paired with our hand painted linens.

Please note; these bowls are sold separately, and due to their handmade nature, each design and illustration is unique and therefore will vary. 


Due to the exquisite nature of this product, we recommend to hand wash only.

Approx Dia: 7cm

The Story

Tucked away in a small studio in Notting Hill, Heidi, founder of HB Pottery carefully paints a slick of gold lustre around the petalled edge of a delicate porcelain bowl, with the most minute of paintbrushes. This goes on for some time and soon thereafter, row upon row of dazzling white porcelain begins to envelop the tabletop. Everything here is handmade by Heidi, be it bud vase, bowl or tray.
Every item is unique, special and one-of-a-kind-perfect for your own home or for gifting your loved ones.