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Three Candles Clear Candelabra, 36cm

Three Candles Clear Candelabra, 36cm


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An incredibly intricate candelabra, handmade by master glassblowers, in exquisite clear glass, to complement the most elegant of table settings. 

This candelabra is thoughtfully handcrafted from the highest quality, borosilicate thermoresistant glass.

Due to its exquisite, delicate nature, we recommend hand wash only for this product.

Approx H: 36cm
Approx Dia: 29cm

The Story

Nature and music offer a rich canon of inspiration for these artisanal glass objects. Luxurious and contemporary, this handcrafted glassware made in an atelier in Europe, explores the mastery of expert craftsmen and the elegance of feminine design. A harmonious waltz almost, between a passion for glass and the prowess of the artisan. Each piece within this special collection is meticulously handmade by master glassblowers in the brand’s workshop. Ranging from glass cups, tea sets, bowls, fruit plates, cake stands - to vases and candelabras, the collection suits both minimalist and maximalist styles. Made from a special blend of borosilicate glass, they’re handcrafted with passion, talent, dedication, and technical perfection.