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The image of the olive tree has always proven rich in inspiration for us, evoking ideals of summertime and leisurely lunches alfresco. No matter where you saw your first olive tree, their beauty, that animates the landscape with silvery canopies and sculptural trunks, inspires memories of warmth and happiness - a shorthand for summer joy. 

A living emblem  of peace and enduring friendship, the olive tree was particularly favoured by our founders, June and Bernadette, who planted one outside of the S&B shop in Notting Hill almost thirty years ago. The tree stands proud to this day and is a testament to the friendship between the two women who started the S&B story.

A new classic for the table - the L'Olivier Collection, comprises a tablecloth, in three sizes, and a matching napkin, on 100% pure French linen. Olive branches, full and fruitful, fall around the edges of the design, in lush and leafy shades of green. A timeless look for the table, that will look fresh season after season. 


Available in 165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm

[ The Collection ] 

Available in 165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm

50 x 50cm

[ Styling L'Olivier ]

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