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The Launch

The Launch


[S&B x Solange]

[Tablecloth or Art?]

Today we're proud to share the beginning of a new phase in our journey, a series of tablecloth collaborations with the people who inspire and beguile us the most.  

The first of our collaborators is Solange Azagury-Partridge, the visionary jewellery designer who is known for bringing luscious colour, playfulness and magic into her designs for her eponymous brand Solange. She shared her vision with us and worked with us to create our exclusive S&B X Solange range of tablecloths and napkins.

We couldn't be happier (or prouder) to be sharing this moment in S&B's history with her (and you).


[The Heart of the Home] 
[Exclusive "Heart of the Home" Linen Tablecloth + Napkins]

The table is where families and friends come together, where the big conversations happen, where decisions are made.  
We put our heads together with Solange to come up with a design that encapsulates this. 
Where to go but with her classic heart motif?
Romantic and charged with drama, this tablecloth says it all (whether on the table or even the wall).

[The Inspiration] 
Solange's Bleeding Heart Pendant
There's something a little tongue-in-cheek about Solange's designs, which we love.  When it came to designing a heart pendant, Solange opted to go completely literal, designing a spot-on likeness to the organ.  We fell for the humour and visceral melodrama of her heart and agreed on it as a cornerstone design of our collaboration.

[Bleeding Stripes] 
[Exclusive "Bleeding Stripes" Linen Tablecloth]

It was a challenge to get the hand-painted colour bleeds for this joyful pattern just right, but we're thrilled with the final result. In bright pastels, it's ideal for Spring and Summer meals outdoors or for a splash of fun indoors during the cooler months.

[The Inspiration]
Solange's Shop Decor
If you've ever walked into any of Solange's beautiful shops in London, Paris and New York (above), the first thing you might notice (well, second— after all the stunning jewels) are the seriously colour soaked interiors—her splashy, striped rug designs particularly.

[S&B Quickfire with Solange] 
We asked the visionary designer about her creative influences and what happens when she brings friends and family together around the table. 
In a few words, how would you describe your style? 
Filled with love and joy.

How did your brand come to be? 
I designed my engagement ring and couldn't stop.

In another life, you would have been…
A painter

[The wonderful world according to Solange: Inside her New York shop]  

When do your best new design ideas come to you? 
Occasionally fully formed out of the blue, but usually once I have established some sort of parameters, I like to design within.  

Where do you go/what do you do when you feel you need some fresh ideas for a new collection? 
On my bed with lots to read.

What would you serve at your ideal dinner party?
Steak tagliata with onions.
Mashed potatoes.
Green bean salad with chopped red onions.
A slow cooked ratatouille.
Tarte Tatin for dessert.

[Solange's take on colour: A glimpse at her previous London shop on Carlos Place]  

Do you have any favourite accessories/flowers/etc you like to use to decorate the table when you have friends over for a meal? 
Flowers and unscented candles for atmosphere.
Gold cutlery and green leaf crockery.

When your children were younger, what were your go-to family dishes? 
Pasta Carbonara.
Broccoli Risotto.

[A veritable jewel box inside another Solange styled interior]

When you entertain, how do you make sure the conversation flows around the table?   
Make sure my husband Murray is around...He's always got something to keep the conversation going

Does designing pieces for the home require a different creative process for you from creating jewellery?

All the interiors in your shops are as beautiful and unique as the jewellery you design.  What made you decide to create rugs and accessories for the home?
It was a gradual process. I took my jewellery motifs and translated them onto objects or rugs—e.g: The 
Fringe ring became the Ballcrusher Fringe table with Ballcrusher feet. The Snake necklace and rings became the Snake Pit

[Highlights from the Launch Party] 

On Tuesday evening we hosted drinks to toast our first collaboration with Solange.
Scenes from the party below: 
[L] Solange Azagury-Partridge & Murray Partridge
[R] Tom Dixon & June Summerill
[L] Sophie Conran & Caroline Conran
[R] Darcy Vigors & Ollie Vigors
[L] June Summerill & Bruce Oldfield
[R] Heidi Bishop & Rene Macdonald
[L] Ralph Shandilya
[R] Seb Bishop & Micaela Boas
[L] Paul Weiland
[R] Hayley Jacobs & Louisa Alan
[L] Seb Bishop, Whitney Bromberg - Hawkings & Peter Hawkings
[R] Angela Radcliffe, Genevieve Dunn & Colin Radcliffe
[L] Carolyn Quartermaine & Rosalind Alan
[R] Emma Woollard
[L] June Summerill & Betty Jackson
[R] Suzanne Walton & Maria Elena Anker
[L] Mike Penn
[R] Nathalie Bishop & Oliver Bishop
[L] The S&B Team
[R] Seb Bishop & Solange Azagury-Partridge

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