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Introducing The Couture Collection

Introducing The Couture Collection

Today, we share a first. An exciting unique collection, a year in the making and something entirely new for S&B. We're pleased to unveil our Summerill & Bishop Couture Collection and its first design 'London Plane.'

Discover a triptych of limited edition 'Table Gowns' embroidered entirely with sequins (260,000) to be exact!). The collection celebrates artistry and innovation in textile development - a true work of art for the table. 

The Table Gowns' design derives its inspiration from the procession of London Plane Trees  that line the streets surrounding our shop in Notting Hill. Their leafy, graceful branches cover the streets protectively year-round, quiet giants, beautiful and plentiful.... the lungs of London. Their distinctive mottled and multi-coloured bark, that creates an almost camouflage-esque pattern, forms the basis of the design.

The collection  collection comprises three 'Table Gowns', we have one of each colourway in 165 x 380cm available in stock now for festive tablescapes, but 'London Plane' will be available year round, made to order on a bespoke basis. Continue below to hear about the details of how this incredible piece was created and how 'London Plane' came to life. For now, discover our Gold, Silver & White colourway and keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for the other colours. 

With love,

Available in 165 x 380cm

[ The Details Behind The Design ] 

Each 'Table Gown' has approximately 260,000 sequins embroidered onto pure 100% French linen. The process takes place in Switzerland, on classic Saurer 'Schiffli' embroidery machines with special made to measure sequin applications in a length of 14 metres. These machines are custom-made for sequin-cutting, are over fifty years old and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

To achieve  the 165cm width of these designs, our manufacturer had to develop a new, high precision technique to embroider the cloth in two strips without a visible connection. This technique is executed entirely by hand.

Once  created, each cloth is retouched by hand - around 12 hours is needed to retouch a single table gown because of the complex, multi-coloured camouflage design. The final finishes and hemming are then completed by hand in the S&B studio in London. 

Available in 165 x 380cm

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